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Project Description
A module for contest voting in DotNetNuke.


This module was originally written for the 2010 DotNetNuke skinning contest on the website. We have since used it for several other contests (Community Choice Awards and multiple Hackathons). It has several features we don't utilize that are controlled via the module's settings.

How it Works

Overall, its a pretty simple module. You place the module on a page, add some contest entries (there is an 'edit form') and then set module settings to determine you contest voting period (you may want to check the settings first for what fields to display in your edit form). A separate module instance should be used for 1 contest. If you want to hold another contest, simply use another module instance. Users can only vote if they are logged in and they can only vote once per contest (thus, 1 userid per moduleid) but they can change their vote during the duration of the contest. As of 01.00.03, the ability was added (as a setting) to allow users to vote once per day during the duration of the contest.

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